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Reiki Master/Teacher/Practitioner

Welcome! My name is Daniela, and I am a Reiki Master and Registered Reiki Practitioner with the Canadian Reiki Association (CRA). I am a great believer in self-care, self-love and self-compassion. I have always had a strong inner pull toward spirituality. My own healing journey, along with the support of others, led me to find my passion for Reiki and I am called to help others on their journey as well.

We are more than just our physical bodies. We are energetic bodies that are constantly giving and receiving energy. Reiki is one of those energies that surround us. It connects us to our spiritual and energetic levels. During your session I will help you tune into those energetic levels and will help you draw upon that energy to facilitate emotional, mental, physical and spiritual balance and healing.


Reiki is a form of alternative therapy commonly referred to as energy healing. It involves the transfer of energy by laying on hands. It targets the energy fields around the body. Energy therapy aims to help the flow of energy and remove blocks in a similar way to acupuncture or acupressure, which therefore can enable relaxation, reduce pain and aid in the body's natural ability to heal itself.

Those who are interested in receiving Reiki do not have to be suffering from any type of illness or discomfort to benefit from a session. Sessions can help keep the energy channels open, decreasing the likelihood of illness and discomfort due to blocked Chakras (energy centres).


The practitioner acts a channel between the client and Source (God, Universe, whatever resonates with you) and connects your body, being and energy to the energy of Source.

How open the client is to being healed, how much they believe in the capability to heal, and how connected they are to Source are some factors that determine the success of a healing session.


Whether you want to receive Reiki for emotional healing, energy balancing, or to develop yourself spiritually, Reiki has endless advantages. Regular Reiki treatments promote a consistent and open flow of energy throughout the body resulting in less stress, mental clarity, and physical healing/ less physical pain. Each healing session includes a blend of healing modalities intuitively guided based on your needs.

By appointment only 


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Traditional Reiki Healing Session

$90 | 60 mins.

During a reiki session, the client lays on their back on a treatment table fully clothed. The practitioner places their hands either directly on you (with permission) or just above you, moving through specific standard Reiki hand positions to help facilitate balance and healing. In this relaxed atmosphere, a blend of healing modalities, including sound therapy and guided meditation, may be used to help the relaxation process.

Distance Reiki Healing Session

$55 | 30 mins.

Distance is only a physical limitation; this is why distance healing sessions can be done without clients being physically present. We are all connected, as energy matter and part of a larger whole. The energy transmission in a remote session is just as strong as if delivered in person directly with the hands.

This session is offered in the comfort of your own home, provided either online or via telephone conference.

On-Site Reiki Healing Session

$150 | 60 mins.

Effective holistic therapies such a Reiki, alongside mainstream medical care, can provide a comforting, stress-relieving solution for anyone in hospice or home health care situations.

In home Reiki sessions available within the Burlington/Oakville area

Reiki services also available for patients in hospital or hospice. Cost of Reiki session includes travel time.

Indian Head Massage 

$60 | 60 mins.

During an Indian Head Massage session, the client sits in a chair while the therapist applies pressure and uses various techniques to massage the scalp, neck, and shoulders. The session typically lasts 45 minutes.

Indian Head Massage with Chakra Balancing 

$111| 1.5 hrs.

During an Indian Head Massage session, the client sits in a chair while the therapist applies pressure and uses various techniques to massage the scalp, neck, and shoulders. This session is followed by a Reiki healing session to balance and align the chakras.

Good Vibrations   

A Therapeutic Sound Series

Join us for relaxation and renewal as we explore the synergy of sound and healing, balancing body, mind and soul with a rejuvenating crystal sound bath.



Reiki Level One Certification



Content Covered:
  • The history of Reiki

  • What is Reiki?

  • Level One Attunement

  • Self-Reiki Treatment

  • Introduction to the Chakras

  • Meditation & Practice Reiki Sessions...and more

Each student will receive a Level One Usui Reiki Certificate upon completion of this course.

Reiki Level Two Certification


*Please note: To attend Reiki Level Two, students must have completed a Usui Reiki Level One course at least 21 days prior.*

Content Covered:

  • Reiki Level One Review

  • Level Two Attunement

  • Second-Degree Reiki Symbols

  • Distance Reiki

  • Full Reiki Treatment for Others...and more.

With full completion of this course, each student will receive a Reiki Level Two Practitioner Certificate.